• A fresh car dealer has arrived on the market, which will lead you to tomorrow.
    What if we tell you that it is possible to save money and time while selling your car?

    Here is the simple plan of action:
    1. Arrange a meeting
    2. Sign contract
    3. Upload the sales announcement to Auto24.ee
    4. Return your car

  • Are you tired of salespeople speculations and suspicions? Do not worry, because we have 15 years of automotive experience which gives us an objective sigh of view.

  • Worn-out interior, small wheels, basic exhaust and stock sound system? These are not the factors that make you feel like a boss while driving your car. Keep your emotions high and do not let the stock settings ruin your image. Invest in your satisfaction and choose Alptom for tuning your car!

  • You are eager to sell your car, but the engine light went on? Contact us, save your time and let professionals check your vehicle. After many years of cooperation we can assure that our partners are trustworthy and reliable. It has been an honor to work with such competent professionals.

    Mercedes Benz - DMG Auto
    Skoda VW Audi - Harku Autokeskus
    Bodywork and painting - Alertauto.ee and Harku Autokeskus

  • Our experts have a very long experience in evaluating the market value of vehicles in Estonia. Our appraisers operate in Tallinn and Harju County (as agreed elsewhere). All banks (except SEB) in Estonia accept our valuation reports issued by our company.
    For car and heavy vehicle evaluation, we ask you to arrange the time and place by calling 5099506 or by e-mail risto@finestcars.ee.

  • Commission sale includes:
    –°ompiling and placing elaborate adverts for sale of motor vehicles on well-known web portals;
    Displaying your car in our selling site;
    Sale of your car by our salesmen;
    Re-registering a car.

    Conditions for accepting vehicles for commission sale:
    History of technical maintenance and passing technical inspection must be provided.
    The vehicle must be technically sound.
    The car must be in order both technically and visually (if necessary, we can provide this service ourselves).
    The car should have the specified configuration (service book, the required number of start keys, winter/summer tires, etc).
    The car must be clean both inside and outside (if necessary, we can provide this service ourselves).

    Our rates for commission sale:
    Minimum commission rate is 400 EUR + VAT 20%.